The 4th Annual Nevin Lectures: Robert Kolb

Why Do Siblings Feud? Presuppositions, Principles, and Practice in Reformed-Lutheran Relationships

Theopolis celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with the fourth annual Nevin Lectures.

Robert Kolb of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, explained differences between Lutheran and Reformed views of law and gospel, the Lord’s Supper and Christology, and worship.
Rev. Jeffrey Meyers, senior pastor of Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, and chairman of the Theopolis Board of Directors, offered a formal response.

Theopolis Scholar-in-Resident James Jordan led worship (download the liturgy HERE), and tenor Wesley Saunders of the University of Southern Mississippi sang Reformation-related songs by Bach, Schutz, and Handel. You can find video selections from Wesley’s performances HERE.

Attendees from Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, and non-denominational churches gathered to enjoy common worship, conversation, and friendly debate.
The Nevin Lectures are named for German-American theologian John Williamson Nevin, a catholic-minded Reformed theologian of the nineteenth century. Each year, Theopolis invites a Nevin Lecturer from outside our own tradition to explain their tradition in their own terms.

In February 2018, we will host Pentecostal theologian Amos Yong as our fifth Nevin Lecturer. Keep an eye on the web site for details.

This event was held in February of 2017 at Covenant Presbyterian Church

This download includes 3 Lectures from Robert Kolb, as well as the response from Rev. Jeffery Meyers

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