The heavenly city of God resurrects the cities of men.
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We believe the church is the Spirit’s instrument of renewal. Not the family, not the state, not the school, not para-church ministries, but the church.

The church is potent when she is herself, God’s city, called to transform the cities of men.

We need leaders who follow Jesus by giving their lives for the life of the world.

Theopolis Institute teaches men and women to lead cultural renewal by renewing the church.
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A Hopeful Vision
Ep. 596
Sun, Moon, and Stars (Through New Eyes, Ch. 5)
Ep. 595
Typology and the World as God's House (Through New Eyes, Ch. 4)
Ep. 594
Old Testament History and Nineveh (with James Jordan)
Ep. 593
The Reformation of Symbols (Through New Eyes, Ch. 3)
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