By the Spirit

The first Pentecost meant many things, fulfilling many types, shadows, and prophecies from the Old Testament. Pentecost marked the beginning of a new creation, and a new humanity. Just as the Spirit hovered over the waters of the original formless and void creation to shape and fill it, so the Spirit of God rushed like a wind over the assembled believers to form them into […]

Music in Wartime

Before the summer is out, the US Supreme Court will hand down a decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, the same-sex marriage case. Every other week, ISIS releases a new video of masked fighters beheading Christians, and the rest of the Middle East is in chaos. Boko Haram terrorizes parts of Nigeria, and Somali gunman attack a Christian college in Kenya. US relations with Russia are […]

Galatian Temptations

The kingdom of God has come upon us, Jesus said. The justice of God is revealed in the gospel, Paul said. Whoever is in Christ, there is new creation. Isaiah’s visions of lions and lambs and a peaceable kingdom are visions about the effect of the Messiah’s first advent. If all that is past, if God’s justice has been established in the world, and if […]

The Art of Why

“We have a God who hides things because He loves to be sought out, chewed out and found out.” As Christians, we are rightly taught that we must not question God’s Word. The problem is that the Scriptures record many things which appear to have been given to us for the precise purpose of triggering questions. Even the provocative parables of Jesus are a breeze […]

Maker of Heaven and Earth, 5

In my previous posts, I looked at the theme of creation as it is found in a sequence of psalms devoted to Yahweh’s Kingship (Psalms 93-100). Among other matters, these psalms declare that when the Kingdom of Israel’s God comes, it is the Kingdom of the world’s own Creator. I now hope to tie this in with the themes of the fourth “book” of the […]