The heavenly city of God resurrects the cities of men.
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Theopolis Fellows Program

The church needs visionary leaders, culture-makers who lay foundations for the future.

We need leaders who follow Jesus by giving their lives for the life of the world.

The Fellows Program is a limited residency program. Students study in Birmingham in July and January, and gather virtually for online seminars between August and December. It is an introductory, but comprehensive curriculum designed to initiate church leaders into the Theopolitan Vision.

Theopolis Institute teaches men and women to lead cultural renewal by renewing the church.
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Daniel Chapter 7, Part 2 (Series on the Prophets)
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Daniel Chapter 7, Part 1 (Series on the Prophets)
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Birmingham, AL
Oct 16 - Nov 20, 2021
with: Alastair Roberts Baptism stands at the beginning of our Christian lives and its waters follow us all the way t ...
Birmingham, AL
Oct 18 - Nov 22, 2021
Shakespeare’s plays always wrestle with the nature of the good life, especially with the intriguing dynamics of the m ...
Fort Worth, TX
Nov 12 - Nov 13, 2021
Discussions of creation are often reduced to debates about science and faith. Did God really create the world in six da ...
Birmingham, AL
Mar 14 - Mar 18, 2022
The fundamental conviction of all Christian missions is that the Triune God has a plan to redeem and restore his creati ...
Birmingham, AL
May 16 - May 20, 2022
The life of our triune God, the shape of redemptive history, the saving work of Christ, and the pattern of Christian di ...
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