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Theopolitan Liturgy
by: Peter Leithart

Christians agree that worship must be biblical, but too many Christians focus on a handful of texts. To understand and do the Christian liturgy, we need to take account of the whole Bible.

During this extraordinary time, the Theopolis Institute has postponed several gatherings and courses. But we haven't wavered in our conviction that Christian instruction belongs in a communal and liturgical setting of personal presence. Beginning with our Fellows Program in July, we plan to resume our regular round of courses in Birmingham, around the country, and across the globe. In the meantime, we have several virtual events in the works. Stay tuned.
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Birmingham, AL
Jul 15 - Jul 24, 2020
Chicago, IL
Aug 7 - Aug 8, 2020
Christians agree: Worship must be biblical in theology and practice. But what does the Bible teach about liturgy? In th ...
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