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Hell Shall Not Prevail

Written by members of the Civitas Group, a research colloquium sponsored by the Theopolis, the essays in this volume focus on the crucial role the Body of Christ plays in efforts to renew our common life.

Jesus Christ laid bare the false promises of the ancient gods and re-centered human institutions around Himself. Only the church can answer the decay of liberal order while transcending the false promises of the ancient gods of family, nation, and city-state. In the Civitas vision of a distinctly ecclesiocentric postliberalism, the church is the Christian’s first family, city, and nation.

The church is God’s revelation that there is another, eternal kingdom against whose walls hell shall not prevail. Postliberalism must be ecclesiocentric if there is any promise for postliberalism at all.

Theopolis Institute teaches men and women to lead cultural renewal by renewing the church.
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