A Pastoral Letter from Louisville

Since Friday’s SCOTUS decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, social media have been inundated with rainbows, tweets, quips, and essays both celebrating and decrying our new culture that has been officially codified in these United States. With a strong LGBT community in our city, we, no doubt, will see a great deal of celebration and will face some stronger challenges than we have in the past. […]

The Death Penalty in the Mosaic Law

During the course of recent debates among Evangelicals concerning same-sex marriage, critics of the traditional Christian position that homosexual acts and desires are sinful and unnatural have often pointed to Leviticus 20:13, where “he who lies with a man as with a woman” is condemned to death. In the following essay (slightly revised from an essay published in 2004), I address the broader question of […]

When Obergefell Falls

We are being taunted. The giant’s name is Obergefell; he is a six-fingered descendent of the Anakim. He has come out onto the battlefield arrayed in his impressive armor. He wears the media elites like a helmet of brass, and on his chest, he wears the deep pockets of multibillion dollar corporate CEOs. On his legs and shoulders he is clad with the brass of […]

The Temple Singers

Who were the company of singers who sang in the Temple built by Solomon? I think many people might answer “the Levitical singers.” That is not correct, because the Levites were not allowed inside the Temple; only the priests were. The Levitical choir and orchestra performed for Yahweh outside the building, in the courts. In fact, however, there were singers inside the Temple. Consider the […]

After Obergefell – A Pastoral Letter

Dear Congregation, Social media is awash with rants for and against the ruling from the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) yesterday regarding homosexual marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges). My contribution on Facebook was simply to quote relevant sections of the dissents written by the four judges in the minority. Even though there are some legal technicalities in these dissents regarding due process, the 14th amendment, and more, I would nevertheless […]