Central to the Theopolis mission is the task of actively fostering networks to assist church leaders throughout the world to form thoroughly biblical, liturgical, and catholic churches. Through our events, we connect fellow-travelers to build a Theopolitan community devoted to serving the church.

Birmingham, AL
Jul 17 - Jul 18, 2023
July 17-18, 2023Third Presbyterian Church, 617 22nd St S, Birmingham, AL 35233Cost: $35/person Love is strangely abs ...
Birmingham, AL
Jul 18, 2023
Ten years ago, in August 2013, Theopolis came into existence as Trinity House Institute, hosting our first intensive co ...
Cary, NC
Aug 18 - Aug 19, 2023
The Psalter is the hymnbook of the church. For too long, the psalter has taken a far-secondary place in the worship ...
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