Central to the Theopolis mission is the task of actively fostering networks to assist church leaders throughout the world to form thoroughly biblical, liturgical, and catholic churches. Through our events, we connect fellow-travelers to build a Theopolitan community devoted to serving the church.

Birmingham, AL
Jul 18 - Jul 19, 2022
For the past two years, there’s been a continuous flow of bad news. Our world teeters on the edge of despair. Chri ...
Birmingham, AL
Jul 19, 2022
A fundamentally festive dimension permeates and shapes our humanness, all reality, and our involvement with it in disco ...
Wichita, KS
Aug 12 - Aug 13, 2022
The Psalter is the hymnbook of the church. For too long, the psalter has taken a far-secondary place in the worship ...
Cary, NC
Aug 19 - Aug 20, 2022
Discussions of creation are often reduced to debates about science and faith. Did God really create the world in six da ...
Yakima, WA
Sep 16 - Sep 17, 2022
The world seems to be coming apart at the seams. Supreme Court nominees demur when asked to define "woman." Daily life ...
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