The Te Deum Music Fellows Program

Fellows Program

The Theopolis Te Deum Fellowship in Church Music aims to equip pastors and church musicians to implement the Theopolitan vision of liturgy and music in their own local contexts. We aim to give church musicians a reason why that they can bring back to their local contexts. 

We are ideally designed for pastors and church musicians who want to transform their church music programs. No musical background or training is assumed. Participants will attend two week-long seminars in Birmingham in a Summer and Winter term and do additional coursework, reading and discussion groups remotely for a semester.

Curriculum will encompass Biblical theology of music, the history of church music and its rationales, the aesthetics of hymns, psalms, and liturgical music, and practical sessions on how to teach and persuade your own local congregations.

We seek to provide pastors and church musicians with answers to questions like:

a) How can I convince my congregation to do different music?

b) How do I justify my musical choices theologically and pastorally?

c) How do I, practically speaking, get psalm singing and psalm chanting into my churches

d) How do I get a robust church music program started at my church?

e) How can I tell a good hymn/song/liturgical setting from a bad one?

Curriculum will include:

a) Biblical theology of music

b) The history of church music and its theological rationales

c) The aesthetics of hymnody, psalm singing, and various liturgical music

d) Training your own musical affections and sensibilities

e) Training your local congregations in psalm singing

The faculty includes Peter Leithart, Jeff Meyers, and Alastair Roberts.

For more information on the program, click HERE.

Cost & Fees

$2500 – the total cost which includes Tuition, materials, online “Pesher” groups, lodging & meals for in-person terms.   

$500 | non-refundable deposit

$25 application fee


Applications are now open. To start the process, click HERE.

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