Music in Life and Liturgy

This course on music was taught by James Jordan and Ken Myers for our Pentecost term in 2015.

From the syllabus:
“This course seeks to aid students, especially future pastors, in developing discernment concerning music in both liturgy and life, so they can gain “the knowledge and skills to facilitate the spiritual development of others” and express the relevance of biblical teachings to the practices of pastoral ministry (e.g., pastoral care, worship leadership)” (quoting the BDS M.Div. objectives). The course has three major objectives. First, it aims to give students the tools they need to understand and evaluate non-liturgical music, and to assist others (e.g., church members) in evaluating and responding to music. Second, it will help students learn to cultivate a godly musical culture within the church and in the lives of its members. Third, it will introduce students to the resources of liturgical music, Psalmody, and hymnody. Fourth, the course includes a number of hours of required listening to music and musical analysis. The purpose of listening is to train students to listen attentively, without multi-tasking, to get used to hearing people talk about music analytically and critically, and to enable students to become familiar with some of the basic formal characteristics of music in general and the Western tradition in particular.”

This course contains 22 lectures (over 20 hours of teaching) and includes the seminar discussions where students had guided times of listening to music with Myers and Jordan.

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