2018 Ethics Lectures with Steve Jeffery

These 3 Lectures on Ethics were taught by Steve Jeffery in June, 2018.

From the event description:
Ethics is the discipline of learning to think clearly about right and wrong. But life is complicated, and the church across the world has been stricken with a plague of fuzzy thinking. As a result we’re desperately divided on a vast panoply of ethical issues, from abortion to euthanasia, contraception to divorce, tattoos to the minimum wage.

But there is hope, if only we were willing to look for it. For the Christian tradition contains a remarkable array of rich resources to help us approach ethical questions – resources that are all but lost to the modern church. If we’re willing to walk in the footsteps of our fathers, we may be able to bring the Bible’s teaching to bear on the ethical confusion of our time. Perhaps then, as the prophet Isaiah put it, we may to “learn to do right”.

This download contains 3 lectures.

Note on the audio: The first lecture has poorer audio quality than the 2nd and 3rd, as we were recording the entire room for the Q&A nature of the 1st Lecture.

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