Theopolitan Ministry Conference: Sexual Sanity in a Disoriented Age
Birmingham, AL
July 15 - July 16, 2024
Theopolitan Ministry Conference: Sexual Sanity in a Disoriented Age

July 15-16, 2024
Third Presbyterian Church, 617 22nd St S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Cost: $35/person

After the Creator formed and filled the creation, when everything else was finished, He built woman from the wounded side of man.

Not just man but sexual man, man male and female, is the crowning glory of creation. Sexual love is the paradigm of created love, the type of Christ’s love for His Bride the church.

It’s no surprise that Satan’s war on God is a war on sexuality. All around us, we see the insanity of sexual delusion and the ruin of successive, accelerating sexual revolutions.

We’ve reduced sexuality to a clash of bodies and an exchange of fluids. We’ve demolished nearly every barrier to sexual desire and act. We’ve drained sex of poetry and mystery.

Our sexual pathologies cannot be healed with concussive moralistic exhortation. Our culture needs an exorcism, and a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of love. The church must lead with a radical transformation of the Christian imagination.

At the Fourth Annual Theopolitan Ministry Conference, Peter J. Leithart, Alastair Roberts, Jeff Meyers, Mark Brians, Gerald Hiestand, and others will trace the contours of sexual sanity, rooted in a biblical typology of sex and marriage and enacted in the liturgical love feast of the heavenly Bridegroom and His Bride.

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The conference will begin with a Matins service at 11:00am on Monday, followed by lunch provided by Theopolis. The conference will conclude with a Vespers service on Tuesday afternoon.

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