Cultivating the Body

New Year’s resolutions for weight loss are practically on the liturgical calendar of America. Somewhere around the beginning of a new year, people resolve that they will get in better shape. Some are made to feel guilty by the obesity police in our country (whose standards are, many times, very unrealistic, one-size-fits-all approaches). Others are outgrowing their wardrobe, and for others there are legitimate health […]

Letters on Abortion, 2

After sending my letter to the local pastors, I received a long and thoughtful post from one of the local pastors, and it was sent not just to me, but to all of the pastors whom I e-mailed. Unfortunately, I do not feel I can in good conscience include his posts, since I do not have his permission, but below is my response. For clarity, […]

God Is Not A Story

Narrative and story have been all the rage in theology for the last few decades. The attractions are obvious. Narrative theologians favor the active, unpredictable, vibrant God of Scripture to the impersonal first principle of philosophical theology. Narrative theologians reject the notion that theologians need to justify their work by reference to a pre-theological philosophical or scientific frameworks shared with unbelievers. Theologians have their own […]

Letters on Abortion, 1

What is below is fairly self-explanatory. This is an exchange I had with a local liberal clergyman on the subject of abortion. The circumstances of the debate are included in the text itself. I initially e-mailed this out to a list of clergy in our city after a local (and infamous) abortionist discovered that the cremens of aborted fetuses, which had been turned over by […]

Immigration and the Church

The issue of immigration has rarely been out of the news in recent months. One recent catalyst for headlines in the UK was Home Secretary Theresa May’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference – a speech praised as “courageous” by her supporters, but denounced as “outrageous” and “irresponsible” by her detractors – in which she announced “tough” new measures to “crack down” on migrants coming […]