Junior Fellows Program Postponed

Since Theopolis began in 2013, we have been aiming for the fall of 2016 as the launch date for our year-long Junior Fellows Program. As it turned out, we had only a handful of applicants, most withdrew for one reason or another (none for lack of interest), and we are left with only one live application.

In the light of this, we are postponing the launch until the fall of 2017. Applications are open.

As Steph Curry likes to say, this is on me. I didn’t do much of anything promote the program or recruit students, so it’s not surprising that the program went unpromoted and students unrecruited. I have no excuse. I will do a better job this year.

We still believe that the Junior Fellows Program is central to our mission. We believe it will have an important role in training pastors and leaders for the future church. We’re open, though, to go wherever Jesus leads us. And if he closes the door marked “Junior Fellows Program” permanently, we’ll seek to serve Him and His people in other ways.

In the meantime, we don’t plan to wait around to see what happens. We have a great slate of intensive courses coming up in 2016-17. In Trinity Term (August), James Jordan will teach on Leviticus (you can register here). We’ve invited architect Daniel Lee to teach a course on Liturgical Space in Easter Term (March), and political scientist A.K. Shauku will lecture on “Political Economy for Pastors” during our Pentecost Term course in May.

We are working with Beeson Divinity School and several churches to sponsor the second Birmingham Arts & Culture lecture this Fall, and Lutheran theologian Robert Kolb will answer the question, “Why Must Siblings Quarrel?” at our fourth Nevin Lecture series in February 2017. We’re planning conferences with several Birmingham-based ministries, James Jordan and I will both be traveling to speak at churches and conferences, we’re exploring the possibility of offering intensive courses in other cities, and we continue to cultivate Theopolis’s international work.

We are grateful to the Lord for the work He’s given us, and for the prayers and help of our supporters. Please continue to pray for the work of Theopolis.