COVID Diagnosis
September 9, 2021

Whether they intend to or not, parents are training their children by the way they respond to COVID. Pastors are training their churches. 

There are temptations on every side. Put aside debates about the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, distancing, vaccines, and do some self-diagnosis:

Will your response to the pandemic inspire your kids to be the kind of disciples who plunge into the gloomy places of the world for the sake of the gospel, or have you scared them into safe spaces?

How much time has your family spent ranting? How much time praying? Be honest.

Given your church's response to the pandemic, will members be more or less likely to wash the feet of lepers? 

What conclusions will your church draw about the importance of gathering together to receive the Lord's body and blood?

Do you, your family, or your church fear government overreach more than God?

After the past year and a half, are you, your family, or your church more or less confident that this is our Father's world, ruled by Jesus His Son?

Have you been a source of joy and calm in your family and among friends?

Do your family practices or your church's policies implicitly elevate health and survival as the greatest goods?

Have you spread frustration, anger, and hate as you talk about the pandemic?

Have you cultivated fear? Or the love that casts out fear?

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