Theopolitan Ministry Conference: Love
Birmingham, AL
July 17 - July 18, 2023
Theopolitan Ministry Conference: Love

July 17-18, 2023
Third Presbyterian Church, 617 22nd St S, Birmingham, AL 35233
Cost: $35/person

Love is strangely absent when Bible-based Christians talk about today's cultural and political crises.

It's not hard to see why. Progressives have weaponized love to force everyone to tolerate and affirm perversity. 

To many, love seems too soft and feminine for the emergency we face. The times demand sturdier virtues.

The 2023 Theopolitan Ministry Conference is grounded on a contrary premise: No cultural agenda or political program can be remotely Christian unless it affirms, with Paul, that "the greatest of these is love."

No cultural agenda or political program can forget John's declaration, "God is love." Christian action has one overarching aim: To establish what Pope Benedict XVI called a civilization of love.

Join us in Birmingham, Alabama, on July 17-18, 2023 as James Wood, Alastair Roberts, Jeff Meyers, Mark Brians, Peter Leithart and others examine the public and private facets of the greatest of the theological virtues.

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The conference will begin with a Matins service at 11:00am on Monday, followed by lunch provided by Theopolis. The conference will conclude with a Vespers service on Tuesday afternoon.

Our annual Trinity Feast on Tuesday evening; registration for the dinner is separate from conference registration. Click HERE to sign up for the feast.

If you're staying in town on July 19th, consider joining Psalm Tap.

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