New Season & New Relationships

We have moved from death to new life, from Lenten darkness to Easter light. And while Easter Sunday may have come and gone, it’s effects are continually with us.

This season has brought with it several new relationships, events, and signs of growth for Theopolis. We have been networking with Christian leaders in the Birmingham area in order to build relationships of mutual encouragement and benefit. We have met with Restoration Academy, Terry Slaughter of Simon Cyrene, Christian Service Mission, and the community of East Lake. All of these people and groups are doing excellent work in the city of Birmingham, and our initial contacts have been very encouraging. We look forward to exploring ways to partner with them.

Last month, I lectured at the Canadian Rockies Theological Conference, a mainly Lutheran conference in Alberta. I also preached at the chapel service for Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham. We also co-sponsored an event with Tactical Faith in which Nancy Pearcey gave a lecture at Evangel Presbyterian.

Our Pentecost Intensive Course on the Sacraments will be held next week, May 16-20 . We are excited to have Leonard Vander Zee with us.

Over the past nine months, Theopolis has become more firmly established – with a permanent location, part-time employees, and new opportunities to serve churches in our area. This fall our work and needs will increase dramatically, as we launch our year-long Junior Fellows Program. We are accepting applications for that program NOW.

You can help us achieve our mission of renewing the church by training imaginative, biblically-grounded, courageous leaders for the future. Help us with recruiting by telling aspiring young leaders about our Junior Fellows Program. And, we are looking for a 100 more monthly donors giving $30 or more before June 30, the end of our fiscal year. If you are not yet a Theopolis Partner, please consider becoming one and sharing with us in this ministry to the city of God and the cities of man.

Peter Leithart is President of Theopolis Institute