Theopolis Partners & Theopolitan Churches
June 3, 2024

We exist to renew the church for the sake of the world. We are scaffolding to help Christians rebuild God’s heavenly city that renews the cities of men.

To faithfully carry out this task, we need your help.

Theopolis eats, drinks, breathes donations. A trickle of money comes in from other sources. But it’s not enough to live on. Without your gifts, we’d have to shutter down next week.

We need your help to train more people in the forgotten treasures of the symbolic world of the Bible, the scriptural pattern of worship and how these can renew the world around us.

As a patron, you are directly supporting our efforts to teach, develop tools, and foster networks to assist church leaders throughout the world to form thoroughly biblical, liturgical, and catholic churches.

Individual Theopolis Partners

Become an Individual Theopolis Partner by giving $50 or more a month.
As a Theopolis Partner you will receive:

  • The Theopolitan on a weekly basis as a source of unique content and an inside look into the goings-on at Theopolis. This resource contains valuable insights and essay from Peter Leithart, along with notes that will keep you up to date so that you know exactly how your support is impacting our work together. To see select issues of the Theopolitan, click HERE.
  • You will also receive two 6-month free app subscriptions (one for you and one to give away)
  • 10% discount on local Theopolis intensive courses and conferences.

Church Partners

Become a Church Partner by giving $100+/month or $1000+ annually.
As a Church Partner, you will receive the above partner benefits plus:

  • Tuition waiver for up to 2 non-Certificate qualified students1 in each of the 2 intensive courses.
  • 15% discount on 1 fellow’s tuition per year
  • Complimentary tickets (2) to Theopolitan Ministry Conference for pastor/elder (held in July each year)

Theopolitan Churches

Become a Theopolitan Church by giving $300+/month or $3000+annually.
As a Theopolitan Church, you will receive:

  • Tuition waiver for all qualified students in each of the 2 intensive courses (certificate or non-certificate)
  • 15% discount on up to 2 fellows’ tuition per year
  • Complimentary tickets (2) to Theopolitan Ministry Conference for pastor/elder (held in July each year)


You will also play a role in helping us:

  1. Publish additional volumes of the Theopolis Explorations to provide brief, readable, challenging introductions to the Theopolitan outlook on Bible, liturgy, and culture.
  2. Continue our online Conversations about crucial theological, cultural, and liturgical questions.
  3. Provide additional Regional Courses in other areas of the United States.
  4. Continue our weekly podcasts and video series.
  5. Continue to build up our app with rich, biblical content.
  6. Release our 2nd edition of the Theopolis Liturgy and Psalter

Your contribution will also support the ministry of Peter Leithart and Alastair Roberts as they participate in conferences, write and lecture at home and abroad.

Join us now by donating HERE.


  1. A qualified student must be a church member and approved by their Session.  Tuition only – does not include food or lodging.

    Churches must donate at partnership level for six months prior to receiving the tuition waiver for qualified students. ↩︎
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