Press Release: New Board Members!
November 11, 2019

The Theopolis Institute recently added two new members to its Board of Directors, Josh Rollins and Sarah Moore.

Josh has recently served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for MeTEOR Education, and was previously Chief Financial Officer at MeTEOR.

He brings a wealth of finance experience, and will take the role of Theopolis Treasurer.

“When I first encountered Theopolis, I was encouraged by the clarity and truth in its purpose,” Josh said.

“My first impression has only been emboldened since meeting the people involved, participating in events, and scratching the surface of the voluminous and valuable content produced.”

Josh is enthusiastic about the Theopolitan “picture of a transformed culture resulting from a faithful and unified church” and is ready to “to assist in the growth planning and curation of resources given to Theopolis.”

Sarah Moore was a Theopolitan before Theopolis existed, having grown up in Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, which is pastored by Sarah’s uncle and Theopolis Board member, Rev. Jeff Meyers.

“It was through the writings and teachings of Uncle Jeff, Jim Jordan, and Peter Leithart over the years, that God grew my desire to understand His word in a way that came alive in my heart, body, mind and spirit,” Sarah said.

She is currently a Producer and Fundraiser for American Private Radio, and previous served as Director of Development at Americans for Prosperity Foundation, in Arlington, Virginia. Sarah will chair the newly formed development committee.

“I do believe that Theopolis is the answer to a sincere scriptural, spiritual, and organically ecumenical awakening across the country,” she said, adding “and eventually the world.”

“This is a crucial development in the life of Theopolis,” said President Peter Leithart.

“Our Board has been strong and unified in vision, but we haven’t been strong in finance and fund-raising. Josh and Sarah fill those gaps. We’re very blessed to have them on the team.”

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