Metropolitan Manifesto: Available Now!
August 25, 2015

Metropolitan Manifesto, the new work from Theopolis fellow Richard Bledsoe, and first “Theopolis Books” release, is out today! Head over to the Athanasius Press website to get a copy.

Half the world’s population now lives in cities, and that is where the Church must learn to serve. Rev. Richard Bledsoe has spent his life as a pastor to city leaders in Colorado. Over the years, he has become the unofficial “bishop of his city,” a recognized “adviser to the king.” In Metropolitan Manifesto: On Being a Counselor to the King in a Pluralistic Empire, Bledsoe lays out the theology behind his work, explains how to minister to leaders, and shares the lessons of his long experience. The Metropolitan Manifesto is an essential, inspiring testament to the transformative power of the gospel in today’s world.

From the preface:

“Sometimes after one of these meetings, I feel like I’m on Mars or Venus, and not in our city.” So said one of the elder pastors, a chief among the city’s pastors. We had just met with an official from our very liberal and progressive city. This official had just left, but not before we sat him in a chair and had the pastors of the city gather ‘round him, lay hands on him, pray for him and bless him. The remarkable thing is that almost all of these officials want to come and see us again….

The Bible speaks to modern pluralism just as it spoke to ancient pluralism. Truth that gives orientation to public officials is a challenge in both settings. Pluralism, either ancient or modern, cannot give rise to any coherent idea of truth. Ancient political problems are not so far from modern political problems.

We must re-introduce truth back into the public square. There is a new kind of bishop and counselor who represents the Church as a whole who can do this. There is a place and a way for a single pastor to function as a “re-introducer” of the truth of the Gospel and of the Living God in a modern pluralistic situation that does not recognize a singular truth. The role of counselor and advisor in the name of Jesus Christ to those in authority is a living possibility. I have been a part of this in my own city, and I have done it.”

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