Love the Little Children

First we slaughtered unborn babies in their mothers' wombs.

Then we started killing babies born from "botched" abortions. Or born babies that didn't look quite perfect.

Now we're butchering the bodies of children in an insane attempt to turn them into their opposites.

And the UN is undermining age of consent laws that protect children from being sexually exploited.

Are there millstones enough for all those who deserve to be cast into the heart of the sea? (Matthew 18:6).

Jesus loves the little children. The High King of the cosmos loves the little children of the world.

So must we. Baptize them, feed them, teach them, guard them, guide them, love them.

Love the little children. Don't kill them. Don't butcher them. Love them

Who imagined it would be so easy for the church to become a counter-culture?

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