Election 2020
November 24, 2020

No one knows yet how the disputed 2020 election will play out. But we can pencil in some parameters for sorting through the mess.

First, voter fraud happens. My brother-in-law uncovered election fraud in Alabama and spent more than a decade fighting off the vermin that came out from under that rock. They nearly destroyed his life. "Voter fraud happens" isn’t a partisan statement. Both parties cheat.

Second, every time the pundits open their mouths, they become less credible. Sidney Powell says she has evidence of voter fraud of "biblical" and "epic" proportions. Within minutes, news organizations offer “fact checks” that, inevitably, dismiss her. Some know Powell is “nuts” before hearing her case. Why not investigate? Why not wait to see what she’s got? Maybe she’s got nothing, but how can anyone know at this point?

Third, no doubt, many, many of our rulers are weak, fearful, blinded, sheepish. Some, though, are wicked; they work injustice, weigh out violence, speak serpentine lies (cf. Psalm 58:1-5). Like Mary, we want them toppled from their thrones (Luke 1:52). God is non-partisan. He's determined to cast down every liar who loves violence.

Fourth, politics doesn’t give us a bye from Jesus’ command to love our enemies. Jesus doesn’t say, “Love your enemies – except Democrats (or Republicans).” Enemies remain enemies, but Christians overcome enemies by doing good. Truth-telling is good; so are gentleness, kindness, self-control, and charity.

Fifth, Donald Trump is flesh. Therefore, conservative Christians shouldn’t put our hopes in him (Philippians 3:3), lest we suffer God’s curse (Jeremiah 17:5). Liberal Christians need to remember “democracy” is flesh too. Blind faith in the purity of our system is as foolish as blind faith in Trump.

Finally, we may feel helpless but we’re not. It’s a mantra around Theopolis: Pray, sing Psalms, shake the earth with a voice of praise. Watch the fortress of the wicked tumble to rubble. Maybe, just maybe, the mayhem around the 2020 election is God’s answer to our Magnificats.

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