Tuition Waiver Policy

Tuition Waiver Policy
Church of the Present, Pastors of the Future

We at Theopolis believe that the church ought to raise and train her future pastors.

Part of that training may be carried out by specialized institutions like Theopolis, but the church and her leaders are ultimately responsible for that training. To encourage churches to assume that responsibility, Theopolis has adopted a policy regarding students from supporting churches. The details are below, but the essence is this: We are offering free tuition for our intensive courses to qualified students from churches that support Theopolis.

This is a benefit for students, but it also enables churches, and church members, to contribute in a concrete way to the future leadership of the church. We ask pastors and church leaders to consider becoming supporters of Theopolis. If you aspire to be a pastor, ask your church’s leader to consider becoming a supporting church. Members of supporting churches can know that some of their present contributions are being invested in the church’s future leaders. We trust that the churches that participate in this program will profit by sharing in this work with us (cf. Philippians 4:17).

The Policy

Qualified students who are members of supporting churches will receive a tuition waiver for Theopolis intensive courses. To be classified as a “supporting church,” a church must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Churches must donate a minimum of $50/month for six months prior to receiving the tuition waiver for qualified member students.
  2. Churches that donate $600 a year ($50/month) receive a tuition waiver for one non-Certificate member student in each of the two intensive courses.
  3. Churches that donate $1,000 a year (roughly $84/month) receive a tuition waiver for one Certificate member student in each of the two intensive courses.
  4. Churches whose donations exceed these minimums receive tuition waivers for one course for a non-Certificate student for each additional $300 donated, or one course for a Certificate student for each additional $500 donated. (For example, a church that donates $2,000 a year would qualify for a total of four tuition-free courses for qualified member students. Four qualified students from a church that donates $4,000 per year would receive tuition waivers for all intensive courses.)
  5. Students who receive tuition waivers must still pay for housing and meals, as applicable. Students must be endorsed by their pastors or session, and be accepted into the class by Theopolis.
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