Regional Course: What Should We Hope For? (Dallas)
Dallas, TX
Nov 6 - Nov 7, 2020
Learning to face our current challenges with radical hope.
Regional Course: What Should We Hope For? (Dallas)

Many people today live in a state of constant panic and despair. Medical, social, political, and environmental threats loom large. The world seems doomed. The end is nigh. Hope slinks away.

Too often, the church has added to the hysteria of hopelessness by preaching an anemic gospel that leaves earth in the devil's hands.

In this course, Peter J. Leithart, President of the Theopolis Institute, explores what the Bible teaches about our future and the world's.

By explaining how hope is rooted in the entire biblical story from creation through cross to consummation, this course provides a solid foundation for Christian hope.

God is our hope. We hope in the face of hopelessness because we worship a God who raises the dead and calls things that are not as though they were.

Hope drives mission as it inspires creativity, insight, and spirited action. This course will help the church meet the challenges of the present and the future with radical hope.

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