Regional Course: How to Sing the Psalms (West Monroe, LA)
Monroe, LA
April 21 - April 22, 2023
We become what we sing.
Regional Course: How to Sing the Psalms (West Monroe, LA)

The Psalter is the hymnbook of the church.

For too long, the psalter has taken a far-secondary place in the worship of God’s people. And when psalms are sung, they are often changed drastically from what the Spirit gave us.

In this course, Paul Buckley and Brian Moats will explore the biblical, theological, and practical reasons for singing the Psalms. But more importantly, we will SING. We will sing A LOT. 

By teaching how singing the psalms is an essential part of our vocation as priests, kings, and prophets, this course will give you a solid theological foundation for making psalm singing a central part of the church’s life. 

In the face of mission, joy, righteousness, despair, the crumbling of worlds in the culture and in our hearts, the psalms must be restored as the hymns of the church. 

We become what we sing. This course will help the church sing her way through life as we learn to chant and roar the psalms.

There is a required reading for this regional course.

Location: Church of the Redeemer (CREC) 715 Cypress Street West Monroe, LA 71291

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