How to Read the Bible
Houston, TX
Aug 28, 2021
How to Read the Bible

Christians expect far too little from Scripture. We're content with a few moral lessons and answers to our intellectual puzzles.

The Bible does teach what is true and good. It's God's Word to us, bearing His authority. It equips us for every good work. Whenever we speak, think, or do we're saying either "Yes" or "No" to Scripture.

But the Bible is also the food by which we live. It's the light that illumines our path. It answers our questions and directs our lives, but it also expands our imaginations and renews our senses. It reveals the beauty of God as it reveals the face of Jesus.

In "How To Read the Bible," Peter Leithart, President of the Theopolis Institute, teaches us how to get more from the Bible.

Together, we will examine the symbolic structures of the world, the repeated patterns, characters, and stories of Scripture, and the crucial role of mentors, models, and communities of reading.

Join us at Sojourn Heights Church (625 E. 25th Street Houston, Texas 77008) on August 28, 2021 for a day of worship, fellowship, and learning, as we seek to be recreated by the Creator's living word.

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