Articles by Michael Spalione

  • Counseling, Immigration, and the Politics of the Gospel

    In April of this year, President Trump issued a zero-tolerance border policy that separated families, specifically children from their parents who had crossed the USA/Mexico border be it illegally or as asylum seekers. In mid-June, Trump dropped this policy of splitting up families, however there are still children who are separated from their parents because of that policy. Furthermore, […]

  • The Gospel According to the Sacraments, Part 2

    In my previous post, I highlighted the sacraments as the point of convergence between evangelicalism and ecumenism arguing that baptism and communion are presented in the New Testament as signs of the gospel that simultaneously enact and remember union with Christ and the unity of Christ’s body. I concluded that post by appealing to evangelical’s […]

  • The Gospel According to the Sacraments, Part 1

    My first title for this series of posts was “Evangelical Sacramental Ecumenism” – not exactly a clickbait title. But those three words, evangelical, sacramental, and ecumenical, say a lot: The centrality of the gospel; a focus on baptism, bread, and wine; and the quest for visible unity among diverse churches. When they are put together […]