Theopolis Institute Regional Course: Who is God?

We think we know. God is a stern Rule-Maker who has a bit of an anger management problem. Or, God is the indulgent Daddy in the sky. Or, God used to be a stern Ruler, but he got nice.

Christians don’t believe any of that. Christians say the one God has a threefold name – Father, Son, and Spirit. It sounds like a math puzzle, but it’s not.

It means that God is Love. It means that God is like Jesus, because Jesus is God. What Christians call the “doctrine of the Trinity” is the tangle at the center of everything that untangles everything else.

Come to the 2017-18 Dallas Theopolis Regional Course to learn the soul-bending answer to the question, Who is God?

The General Conference is a basic introduction to the Trinity. It assumes no prior study of the subject, and will examine the biblical basis for the Trinity, its importance for our knowledge of God, and the ramifications of the doctrine for Christian living.”

As an exercise in Trinitarian thinking, the Pastor’s Conference will explore disputed issues in historical and contemporary Trinitarian theology, including the meaning of ‘person,’ the ‘eternal subordination’ of the Son, impassibility, God’s relationship to time, and other questions.

The seminar will be a guided discussion of both classic (Athanasius, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas) and modern (Barth, Zizioulias, Moltmann, Jenson) texts in Trinitarian theology.

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