The Theopolitan Society

We are in the middle of our campaign for the end of the fiscal year. We’ve raised $30,000 from some major donors, and need to raise another $70,000 to meet our budget. Please consider becoming a regular donor, and keep reading to learn about a great opportunity.

This brief announcement is to let you know about the Theopolitan Society, which launches in August.

If you give $500 in a one-time gift, or $45 or more per month, you’ll be enrolled as a charter member of the Theopolitan Society.

As a member of the Theopolitan Society, you’ll receive:

– A weekly members-only newsletter from Peter Leithart, with reading notes, updates on his writing and lecturing, and inside glimpses of life at Theopolis.

– Quarterly webinars with Jim Jordan and Peter Leithart, where you can ask that question you’ve always wanted to ask.

– FREE access to all recordings of courses, all papers, and every ebook that Theopolis produces.

– A meal or drink with Leithart or Jordan when one of them visits your part of the country.

We hope you’ll join, and look forward to having you on board! Become a member HERE.

Brian Moats is assistant to Peter Leithart