Chris Kou Completes the Certificate Program

Chris Kou is the oldest son of Chinese immigrants. Chris and his brothers run a branding and marketing business, Imagineering, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. In his spare time, he takes online courses from Reformed Theological Seminary, and aspires to be a pastor.

Chris is also one of our first and most loyal Theopolis students.

Chris attended our first intensive course in 2013, and nearly every one since. Last year, he completed his sixth course for credit and qualified to receive a Theopolis Certificate in Biblical, Liturgical, and Cultural Studies.

To cap off the Certificate program, Chris wrote a lengthy and well-researched study exploring the biblical theology of the “Divine Council,” the council of angels into which we are admitted by the Spirit.

On the evening of March 11, 2017, in the Augustine classroom at Theopolis, Chris presented and defended his paper in a public oral exam. Jim Jordan and I questioned him about the paper, and then examined him on the courses he has taken at Theopolis.

Chris performed splendidly, and so he becomes our first graduate, the first official “Theopolitan.”

Theopolis exists to train leaders for the church, like Chris Kou. We are grateful to God for this milestone in the Institute’s history, a sign that He is fulfilling the mission He called us to.

Many people are responsible for Chris’s success – his wonderful parents, Leo and Sally, and his energetic brothers; his wife Ellyn, who has also become a Theopolis regular; various Theopolis instructors.

And you. We could not have reached this milestone without your generous partnership, and we are grateful to you and to our Lord Jesus for you.

Many blessings,

Peter Leithart