Alastair Roberts Appointed As Adjunct Senior Fellow

Beginning this summer, Dr. Alastair Roberts will join the Theopolis Institute as an adjunct Senior Fellow, the Institute has announced.

Dr. Roberts will be a regular on the Theopolis podcast, teach intensive courses and in the Fellows Program, and help develop new programs and outlets. 

Roberts earned his PhD from Durham University, is co-author of the recent Echoes of Exodus, and will publish Heirs Together next year (Crossway).

“In the current Christian world things that belong together are all too often held apart—Old Testament from New Testament, academy from pulpit, doctrine from practice,” Roberts said.

He is “excited by the way that Theopolis is working to reveal, explore, and express the interconnectedness and practical weight of Christian truth. This has long been an emphasis of my own work, but being associated with Theopolis will give me more opportunities for and stimulation within it.”

Dr. Roberts is a long-time student of the work of Theopolis Scholar-in-Residence, James Jordan.

“My initial attempt to read Through New Eyes was unsuccessful,” he admitted. When he returned to Jordan’s work a few years later, “it began to make a lot more sense to me.” 

“From that point to the present day, Jordan’s work has been one of the primary influences upon my thinking,” he said. “More than any other theologian or Bible teacher, Jordan has taught me how to read Scripture.”

 “Alastair is one of the best and most-respected theologians of his generation,” said Theopolis President Peter Leithart. “He writes about everything, from a perspective deeply grounded in Scripture.”

“In addition to his theological qualifications, Alastair brings his own far-flung network of followers and contacts,” Leithart continued.

“With his blog (alastairadversaria) and his presence on the Mere Fidelity podcast, he’s poised to extend Theopolis’s vision into new areas of the church. We are tremendously blessed to have him on the our team.”

Dr. Roberts will be splitting time among Theopolis, the Davenant Institute, and the Greystone Theological Institute. He plans to move to Philadelphia later this year to marry and settle down.