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  • Sex and the City (Part 1)

    Sometimes a man has been heard to declare that he wishes both to enjoy the advantage of high culture and to abolish compulsory continence.  The inherent desire of the human organism, however, seems to be such that these desires are incompatible, or even contradictory.  Any human society is free to choose either to display great energy or […]

  • Sex

    Christians get sex wrong when we start from the wrong end. We start from human desires, passions, biological drives and “needs.” These are treated as givens, as the base-line natural reality of human sexuality. Then we come to the Bible and find, to our surprise, that God places all kinds of restrictions on how we […]

  • Sex & Power

    I recently heard a tape of a discussion among several Christian writers and political thinkers, and one of the participants noted that it seems that some of our greatest leaders have not been sexually faithful men. Indeed, some have been profligate. Thus, the participant argued, it seems that private virtue does not clearly link to […]