Regional Courses


“Who is God?” in Chicago, IL. Register HERE.

“Who is God?” in Boise, ID. Register HERE.


Theopolis is taking our show on the road.

For four years, we’ve incubated a model of leadership training in Birmingham, Alabama. Three times a year, students gather for an intensive week of worship, study, conversation, laughter, and feasting.

Now we want to share the wealth. With our regional courses, we’re bringing Theopolitan Bible teaching, liturgy, and cultural engagement to your town.

Churches that are interested in hosting our courses can join a chain of others across the country. Every year, a Theopolis Fellow will be like a circuit rider delivering a Theopolis course from city to city.

We are developing courses like “Who Is God?” (an exploration of the Trinity), “How to Read the Bible,” “How To Worship God,“ “What Is the Church?” and “Where Did We Come From, Where Are We Going?” (creation and eschatology).

A Theopolis regional course will be punctuated by daily worship – Matins, noon prayers, and Vespers. We will share meals and conversation.

Each regional course will also include a conference directed to lay Christians, a specialized class for pastors and students, and a seminar for serious theology students.

Currently, churches in Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles are planning to host regional courses in 2017. Stay tuned for more details.

If your church is interested in hosting a Theopolis regional course in your city, write to