Easter Course

Note from Theopolis: David Field was scheduled to teach a course on “Pathways to Human Maturity” durinEaster term. Due to a crisis in the Field family, we are postponing the course. We hope to have David back to teach the course in the future.

Instead, Peter Leithart will be teaching a course on the Ten Words.

The Ten Words

For two millennia, the Ten Words have been part of the foundation of Christian ethics. Catechumens learned the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Words. Today, this summary of the law of God provokes controversy. Every confession and catechism of the Reformation era gives detailed attention to this portion of Scripture.

Today, the Ten Words have proven controversial. Some Christians place the two tablets in courtrooms, while other leaders claim that we’re no longer bound by the demands of this law.

In this course, Peter Leithart will carefully examine the text of the Ten Words in both Exodus and Deuteronomy, explore the expansions and ramifications throughout the law, discuss the relation of Torah to the teaching of Jesus, and apply the Ten Words to both individual and corporate life.

Since the Reformation, Protestants have claimed that the law has three uses:  to convict us of sin and drive us to Christ, to keep our sinful inclinations in check, and to be a guide for Christian conduct. In this course, Leithart will show that the chief use of the law is the Christological: The law reveals Christ in His filial obedience, and so guides His disciples as we seek to imitate Him. We who keep in step with the Spirit of Jesus by imitating Him fulfill the law’s requirements.

Course Dates: March 11-15