Epiphany Term Bible Course

Prophetic Covenant

James B. Jordan and Peter J. Leithart
January 9, 16, 23, 30; February 6, 2016 Location: TBA Prophets sometimes foretell the future, but they are primarily those who have access to Yahweh’s inner council. Prophets hear God’s pronouncements and declare them to others, and they also have the privilege of talking back to God in prayer and intercession. Under the prophetic covenant, Israel reaches a new stage of maturity and begins to minister in new ways to the Gentiles. In this course, Jordan and Leithart will look at the origins of prophecy in the ministry of Elijah and Elisha and examine some of the major themes of writing prophets from the pre-exilic, exilic, and restoration periods. James B. Jordan is Director of Biblical Horizons and Scholar-in-Residence at Theopolis. Peter J. Leithart is President of Theopolis. Click here for the application page