Articles by Christopher Kou

  • Cross My Heart

    Take a long look at the photo above. To whom is this woman praying? It is hard to tell, isn’t it? Suppose we watch her for a while. We may see her bow low to the floor. Her lips may move, though perhaps it is too low for us to hear the words proceeding from […]

  • The Epiclesis in the Reformed Eucharistic Prayer, 3

    In Part 2 of this series we traced what we have of the development of the epiclesis in the liturgy of the Church.  In this third and final part we’ll look at the theological implications of this and how we may apply what we’ve learned. As we saw in Part 1, biblical benedictions are pronounced […]

  • The Epiclesis in the Reformed Eucharistic Prayer, 2

    In the first part of this series we examined the meaning of “blessing” in Scripture and its parallels in Jewish liturgical tradition, but did not find anything that we could properly call an epiclesis (an invocation of the Holy Spirit). We did find examples of invocation of Jesus to “come” with the Holy Spirit giving […]

  • The Epiclesis in Reformed Eucharistic Prayer, 1

    What happens at the Table of the Lord?  If Christ is really present, then how is this so?  The witness of the Church throughout history has been that Christ is present in the Eucharist through the operation of the Holy Spirit, and in the practice of the Church, prayers at the Eucharist gradually acknowledged this […]