A Family Liturgy
April 8, 2020

Throughout the world, pastors and leaders are making sometimes excruciating decisions about whether or not to hold public worship services during the coronavirus pandemic and, if so, how. 

We at Theopolis encourage you to find creative, safe, reasonable, and submissive ways to meet in person with other believers. 

For many, though, that will be impossible. And we should all be grateful we have the technology to meet virtually when we can’t gather physically.

We may be tempted to let worship slip, but this is a time to increase, not decrease, the intensity of our prayers, song, and praise. If you’re barred from meeting together on Sunday, and barred from going to work, worship with your family every day. Use the time to memorize Psalms together, singing the Lord’s laments and praises, so you can learn to share the world’s sorrows and conquer its fears. Bear witness in your worship to the God of plagues and healing.

Theopolis media director Brian Moats created a service to lead worship in his family. We offer it as a model of what you can do in your homes, as we rejoice our way through this trial. Click HERE to download it. (PDF)

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